Monday, October 29, 2012

7 Quick Takes

1. Today is the start of seven days of no sugar, no white flour, and no processed foods (or at least foods with no more than five ingredients). I did this a few months ago and I made it for seven days I think. I'm going for seven again.
2. I have registered for a half-marathon. It's exactly in 12 weeks, so today is the start of my 12-week training program. Thank, Hal Higdon! I can run 3 miles without too much trouble. Also, since I have finally decided to do another half-marathon and paid for it, it is likely that I will get preggos within the next few weeks. That would be my luck.
3. I do want another baby, and life would always be welcome in this family. So when I say just my luck, I am only saying the timing wouldn't be fantastic. But, heck, I'd run it anyway. Or well, I'd walk it.
4. Fiona has been vomiting for 5 days. I'm so doggone tired of doing laundry!! I took her to the doctor today, and he said it was a virus; it is just taking her a long time for the "lingering effects" of the virus to go away. I haven't slept well in a week. At night, every noise or movement by Fiona made me think "Is it time to get the vomit bowl?" And many of those times I didn't get it quickly enough and she threw up on our bed. And she's thrown up on 4 pillows. One just needed to be tossed; the others were washed. Oh boy, such fun.
5. I love coffee. Oh, I love it. I have turned into the exact person whom I used to judge so harshly. I wake up in the morning, my eyes burning with lack of sleep, and I think, "As soon as I drink a cup of coffee, I'll be okay." I stumble into the kitchen, pour a cup, sugar it up, and add some milk. Mmmm, yes, I love it.
6. Some of you may know that I have been avidly watching Downton Abbey, season 2. Just sign up for a free 1-week free trial of Hulu Plus (Swagbucks has a link to this, so you can earn swagbucks for doing it too!), then you too can experience such joy. This show has sucked me in, heart and soul; I've spent many "spare" moments watching it (which means I've put off laundry, dishes, and cleaning). I want to get my hands on season 3, but it doesn't even air till Jan 2013 (yes, that's right, I wikipedia-ed it).
7. Ethan likes math (I'm really surprised by this), being read to (right now, we're on Hank the Cowdog, book 1), building Lego cars, making Fiona laugh, and sometimes playing well with Benji.
Benji likes making Lego armored vehicles with treasure hidden inside, watching Phineas and Ferb, playing with Fiona, going to preschool, eating snacks, and playing in the sandbox.
Fiona likes puppies, puppies, and puppies. She likes cuddling her stuffed puppy, she likes stealing her brothers' stuffed puppies, she likes looking at real puppies, and she likes looking at pictures of puppies on the internet. She also LOVES to sit in laps and be read stories.