Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Baby is Here!!!!

Fiona Bridgette Kidd was born Friday, January 14th at 6.49 am! She was born here at our house, a successful home birth and water birth! (BTW, I thought the water was supposed to work wonders and make you feel significantly less pain .... uh, not so, my friends, not so. Still incredibly painful, but that's another story for another post). Okay, so the labor was 6 hours start to finish! Quite intense. The midwife and the assistant didn't make it till 6 am, and she was born 50 minutes later! Scary.
I'm truly, truly thankful to God that everything worked out perfectly. I read my body's signals enough to know when it was time to call them; they made it on time; I was able to deliver safely and vaginally with no issues. There were no life-threatening issues to either of us. The boys slept through everything and didn't wake up till about 40 minutes after she was born, just as the midwife was done stitching me up. Talk about excelling timing! Fiona is perfectly formed with no visible abnormalities. I'm SO thankful that she is here safely and alive and perfect. What a blessing!!!! And she's a girl too for sure! Nursing is going well, and I'm feeling as well as can be expected ... you other mothers know what I mean. It's been a good day!
You can see a short video of Fiona and me and the boys on my facebook page. Another day, we'll get some pictures up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Glamour shots ... I mean maternity pictures

It's funny, but I feel very beautiful now. At the beginning of the pregnancy, my belly was all on the sides, and I just looked fat, not pregnant. Now my belly is all in front, and has a lovely shape, and I feel so good. I'm really enjoying the way I look right now. And it's nice to feel firm and tight around the middle, not squishy and doughy. Once this baby comes out, I'll look like the Pillsbury doughboy again, so I'm trying to really enjoy it now while it lasts.
Here are my glamour shots and a few of the fam: