Saturday, December 12, 2009


Really? Not a single person has a comment to leave about the hilarious pictures below? Come on!


Carl and Amber said...

Sorry! I was flipping through blogs so fast, just to catch up! I didn't leave comments for anyone. I totally is so hard to get a good pic of both kids smiling at the camera...Ethan's photo skills are pretty impressive...Chad is crazy :) hahaha

Emily said...

Hope, I've been meaning to leave a comment on your blog, i don't think I have before, but I look at it sometimes, through Amber's. I will have to add it to my blog roll thing. Your boys are adorable. Ethan is so great with a camera.

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

Ok, so I just looked at your blog and those pictures are HILARIOUS! I also didn't know that you've not ovulated in 2.5 years (lucky) or that you want to write a book. If you ever do and it's not under your name, please let me know as my entire family will promtly get a copy (which might send you to the NY Times Bestseller list because my family is rather large). Also, I love the post about Benji being an addict. SO CUTE! You're just the best!