Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mini-van advice desperately needed

Okay, folks, it's for real this time. Our old car (a 1988 BTW, so when I say "old," I really mean old) is at death's doorstep. We're going to get a new car! Very exciting. Anyway, who of you have mini-vans or non gas-guzzling SUVs? What kind is it? What do you like or dislike about it?
We're going to do this soon before the Oldsmobile slips into the grave, so send your advice now!


Carl and Amber said...

We are looking into the Kia and Hyundai minivans. They aren't as popular in Cali, but they are all over in NM. They come with 10 yr/100k mile warranties, so there is some nice peace of mind there. they both start in the really low 20s, so they are much cheaper! Some of our friends are looking into the chevy traverse. the gas mileage is about the same as other small suv's, but it seats 7 and leaves more room in the back than the pilot and highlander. good luck!!

Jackie said...

We love our Odyssey. It's a 2004 and came with fewer than 40,000 miles and under $12K. It's comfortable, reliable, and has a large back storage space. The gas mileage I think is like 15 mpg. Good luck--so exciting!

chelsea said...

subaru foresters are so stinking cool. I wish I had one.