Friday, April 16, 2010

Die, LOST, die!

Wow, I haven't blogged in forever. And that I'm finally doing it, it will not be a happy post. It will be a post of how much I hate LOST. Seriously, that show is so lame. It's so confusing, what with the alternate life and who's alive and who's impersonating who, and which dead people are showing up, etc, etc. I can't remember what happened in the previous show, so when I watch a new show, I ask Chad a hundred questions, and he gets irritated.
Okay, the alternate universe thing. WHAT. THE. HECK? Come on, writers of LOST, can't you do something better with your answer our questions about the show?
Oh, and all that advertised nonsense of "only 5 episodes left, questions will be answered" is such a lie. Instead of answering our questions, they bring in new characters (the Tina-Fey-wanna-be), blow up old ones (Nadya) instead of telling the secrets behind them, and create new mysteries.
And the thing about the show that bugs more than anything else is when the characters have hair in their faces. Okay, come on. In real life, no woman wandering around on a dessert island with no shampoo, high humidity, tracking through thick jungle, and fighting off attackers is really going to go around with her hair down...hanging in her eyes. I can't stand it. Take this for instance. Claire, get your hair out of your face!!!

And Kate, is this REALLY necessary? Obviously, you need to redo your ponytail because half of your hair has fallen out and is BLURRING YOUR VISION.

And Sawyer's just as bad as the girls. I don't even know how he and Kate can kiss with all that hair in their faces.
The saddest thing is that I've wasted 5 years of my life on this show, I'm SO ready for it to be over, but I just know that the writers are going to have some super lame ending and that they won't answer all the questions. We'll be left with our mouths hanging open, our eyebrows up, and saying, "What? THAT was the ending??" The only solution: die, LOST.

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Carl and Amber said...

haha! I've never watch a single episode, so I have no idea what you are talking about :).