Friday, May 14, 2010


Is anyone else super stressed out? And feel like you're busy ALL the time no matter what you do? I literally have not stopped moving since 6:10 am, when Benji woke up, but I feel like I'm not even close to getting my stuff done.
  • I'm behind two issues on our news magazine.
  • I have 4 more phone numbers to call for the first time for Ethan's preschool to ask for donations. And I left messages with the other 7 businesses, WHICH TOOK ME ALMOST AN HOUR, so I'll have to follow up with them again. Extremely obnoxious.
  • This morning I finished up two ugly giant display boards for the International Festival tomorrow. They look like a 2nd grader made them, and it looks like a sloppy 30 minutes of work, but no, I spent literally 2 1/2 hours on each one. That's right, 5 hours of work for an ugly board that looks cheesy. I'm a little bitter about this, yes.
  • Also this morning, I did finish writing thank you notes for Benji's birthday presents, so I guess that's good.
  • I'm in the process of reading two long websites about caring for our new guinea pigs. I have to read them, then sign a contract saying I read them. I estimate that will take me another 30 minutes to read them. Great.
  • I've been trying to clean the house for days ... literally. I can usually get one tiny area done, then it's either destroyed by children, or I get distracted by the hundreds of other things to do. I HAVE GOT TO finish cleaning this weekend. Our house looks like a tornado came through.
  • Oh, and there's the never-ending laundry! I put away two clean loads today that have been sitting in the basket for 4 days, but now I have two more loads to put away. Gosh, how I hate laundry. I will die of joy the day we have a washer and dryer in our house. But then I wouldn't ever get to experience the wonder of washing IN my house, so I guess I won't die. I'll just be giddy with happiness.
  • And tonight, I have to shop for ingredients for sadza and relish for the International Festival tomorrow.
  • On that note, I'll be at the International Festival tomorrow from 9 am till 3 pm. Then back at the Old Rec Ctr again for about 2 hours that night for the outdoor movie. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but on occasion, it makes me feel overwhelmed.
  • And I just spent 15 minutes writing this post. But that's okay, at least, it will be if at least 3 people read it; that would make it worthwhile.
Okay, so after all that complaining, I have a question. For those of you who feel balanced in your life, and who are able to keep up with your chores and housework and paperwork and bills and reading and general what-not, HOW DO YOU DO IT???? I need help, really; I feel like I'm drowning in busyness. And I don't want to be that way. I want to focus more on my kids and being an available mommy. Not a mommy who says, "Just a minute" or "Not right now; I'm busy" all the time. Who wants a mommy like that?


Andrew and Melissa said...

I feel the exact same way,today especially! Blah! I don't have any tips or secrets that help me balance my time because I am still trying to figure that out myself. By the way, those posters are not my favorite thing right now!!!!!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Just roll with what ever comes. :) And try to enjoy while your kids are small. And its ok if your house is messy. Mine always is when I am busy. Just tip toe around until you get to it.

Carl and Amber said...

First, I never pick up during the day. If I have time, I do the deeper cleaning, and then at night, it only takes me a few minutes to pick up and then the house is totally clean. Second, don't miss a morning of reading in the scriptures first thing. Somehow, it all just works out. Third, drop what isn't truly important. An involved mother is important, but the relationships are even more important. Doing good things isn't necessarily good if it stops you from doing something better. I have kept Alyssa out of preschool stuff because I do it myself. That is our quiet time to be together. It is flexible to our schedule. I know that you want your kids out there and involved in good things, but school isn't far off, and then they will be gone too much and you will have less time with them!

Kirsten said...

First, I'm the fourth comment, so the post was even more worth it! And I know how you feel - and I think most moms feel like this. My to do list seems to just get longer and longer.... But I do try and just stop sometimes to pay attention to Annabelle because soon there will be another baby, more craziness, etc. And think, at least our apts are small and there's not as much to clean!

Jessica Rhodes said...

On the upside, your blog looks cute : )

Jessica Rhodes said...

I am obviously NOT an expert here and if you want to ignore this post entirely, that's totally okay...

But are you up for a Mommy Award or something? Is this like Survivor: Mommy Edition, because I'm pretty sure your goal is to enjoy your children and help them grow up healthy and happy. No bonus points for pretty posters. (Though I would totally buy you a frappuchino after all that!)

Maybe ask yourself, "Is what I'm doing important to Ethan and Benji?" and "Am I happy?"

Messy House- do the kids care? HECK NO! You probably do, so cut down on the number of toys. Maybe just have as many as you're willing to pick up in a day. I'm betting that your kiddos are happiest playing in dirt for free.

Preschool Obligations- You're already paying money to have him there. They work for YOU. Yes, you'd like to help them out, but not at the expense of your sanity. Don't think, "I didn't get those last three phone calls," think, "Good for me! I made seven phone calls today."

Ask for help! I'm betting you could find someone willing to trade some kid time with you. Take that and get what you want done OR do nothing! Take a nap, get your toes did, ready trashy vampire novels! You cannot be expected to be on duty 24 hours a day. That is against the Geneva Convention rules and you're WAY more awesome than a terrorist! Dude, if even terrorists get naps, you should TOTALLY be getting in on that action. You are flippin sweet.

Knowing that I may or may not actually listen to my own advice and that I am DEFINITELY flawed, I hope you know that I feel for you and I am here if you need me.

Justin and Rachel Smith said...

I find it incredibly ironic that I'm about to give you a tip about being busy when I'm very late reading your post. Can you guess what I put on the back burner?!?

I guess for me, what's worked is to keep extra toys in the closet, teach Noah how to clean up after himself and do the cleaning at night and freeze meals I get ready on the weekends. That's saved me a ton of time.
I like what another person posted about trading time. I hired a babysitter to keep Noah for four hours twice a month and that's when I do the REALLY DEEP CLEANING on the house (That's right, I bleach stuff. Go ahead, be jealous. I know you are.). It's helped keep me sane, and I'm betting you could just trade another Mommy for that time; she'd appreciate it, too. I can cook meals then, too, while I'm waiting on something, and do laundry while I'm cleaning. All that said, I only have one kid and a husband that helps out A LOT when he's home. :)_Oh, and could you get the kids to help with the poster? :)
Miss you guys!