Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hilarious kids' answers to a question

Ethan's preschool teacher typed this up and sent a copy home to all the kids. It's REALLY funny. The funniest part is that only a few kids answered the question. They all went off on tangents that are hilarious.

Tuesday, September 28
Today we discussed how hot it was and then we talked about all the seasons. Ryder told us it is fall. Next, we read a wonderful book entitled All Falling Down by Gene Zion. All this led to our question of the day: Why do leaves fall from the trees?

Sarah: because it's a different season, like Spring. I have an avocado tree. They are really yummy. I eat avocados with sauce.

Cassidy: It's because of the wind. We don't have any trees at my house, but we have pretty white flowers.

Colin: The wind does it. Sometimes I see them fall. There are trees in the jungle, and monkeys like to live in the trees. They live at the zoo too.

Gage: Because it's hot and the leaves turn red and orange. We have a bunch of trees in our garden. It's fun to pile them up and jump on them.

Ian: It's because it got really windy. I'm going to paint a green leaf.

Ethan: The wind blows really hard. I have a tree that I can climb up. It has lots of little round things I can pick off. I can climb to the tippity top of that tree.

Shay: I'm not sure, but the wind makes them go down.

Garrett: I have a tall tree at my house, but it's the wind that makes the leaves go.

Ryder: Because it's fall and Halloween is in the fall too. I'm going to be a shark for Halloween. We can't have it at school because it starts at night time.

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Sarah said...

that is awesome! i love this, it makes me want to send it to my brother for him to turn into a comic strip! (hes studying animation at byu)