Monday, January 10, 2011

Glamour shots ... I mean maternity pictures

It's funny, but I feel very beautiful now. At the beginning of the pregnancy, my belly was all on the sides, and I just looked fat, not pregnant. Now my belly is all in front, and has a lovely shape, and I feel so good. I'm really enjoying the way I look right now. And it's nice to feel firm and tight around the middle, not squishy and doughy. Once this baby comes out, I'll look like the Pillsbury doughboy again, so I'm trying to really enjoy it now while it lasts.
Here are my glamour shots and a few of the fam:


Anonymous said...

Hope, you do look absolutely beautiful! What great pictures (and beautiful blog). So glad to hear you are feeling incredible as you go into your last few days of preganancy! Can't wait to hear the news!!

michellep said...

Glamour shots for sure! You look beautiful! It was so good to talk to you. I'm looking forward to hearing how the home birth goes! Take care. I'm thinking of you!

FordeFam said...

Beautiful!!! :)