Monday, February 7, 2011

Hair's thinkin'

Okay, seriously, what IS it about having a new baby that makes people want to cut their hair? Whatever it is, I'm not immune to it; I'm dying to do something absolutely DRASTIC to my hair. Someone ought to do a study about this compulsion; it would be very interesting. But I'll leave that to the scientists.
What I need from you is some help and ideas. Remember that I have three children now and want something I don't have to spend lots of time fixing every morning. Ever since Michelle went bold and cut all of hers off, I've wanted to do the same (Michelle, just remember that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). But can I pull off a look like that? Here are some thoughts:
1. a bob with a straight perm
2. a really short cut like Michelle's
3. a short curly cut with a stacked back and the front a little longer than the back
4. a really layered curly cut that frames my face
5. something with bangs (but since my hair is curly, I would have to blow dry AND straight iron my bangs every morning, and that doesn't sound fun to me)

And color options:
1. red like I've done in the past
2. blond (I've always wondered what it's like to be blond)
3. dark brown
4. leave it natural

Okay, it's time to cast your votes for my new look here in the comments. I have an appointment for Friday evening, so don't delay!


Jessica Rhodes said...

Reds are good for you so if you want to try out blonde, why not go for a strawberry blonde? I bet that would be pretty forgiving as far as roots are concerned.

Whatever style you get, don't forget that summer's coming up and you're going to want it off your neck. When I did my post-baby hair chop it was too short to keep back and it drove me nuts.

There's always the option to just leave it alone for now, throw it up in a ratty bun, and wait until things are a little more calm. You'll be able to spend more time on yourself once you get your juggling act... I mean parenting routine... all together ; )

michellep said...

I say super short, red, and sassy! I love, love, love my hair short! And I never thought I'd look good in a cut like this. The low maintenance is unbelievable. Just make sure you go to someone good if you do go super drastic. The feather clip I'm sending you will look awesome in short hair! I get so many compliments. Once even from a lady working at Home Depot. And I'm so flattered BTW to be cited in your post!

Andrew and Melissa said...

I agree with Michelle, I think short and red would be SO cute on you!