Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Confused by Food, Part II

     I know you've all been sitting on pins and needles till I wrote Part II of this.
     After stressing the entire day after I wrote Part I, I came to the conclusion that stressing about it ridiculous.  Stressing about food is probably just as bad as eating bad food. So, NO MORE STRESSING about it.
     One way I will be taking it easier is to just realize that it's going to take me a long time to do all the research I'd like to about food. It's going to be a long process. Since I should never make learning about food a priority over my children, I'll just have to do bits of research here and there when I have a little time. I'm thinking this could be a year-long process of research and phasing.
     Another way I'll be taking it easier is to phase some things out and ease other things in. For example, we have one 12 pack of diet Cokes left in the cabinet. When those are gone, I plan not to buy sodas anymore. (But lest you think I'm an extremist, I will still have diet Cokes, maybe once a week ... that's a good goal). And we are moving towards only buying meat that we know has been ethically raised, not fed animal byproducts and other things unnatural to its intended menu, and humanely killed. I've found a farmer's market that starts this week, and if Randle Farms will ever call me back (Sheesh, they have the worst customer service!), I can start buying meat from them.
     Except for fish, still not sure what I think about farm-raised fish. Probably okay...
     In the meantime, it's been fun and challenging to make vegetarian meals. I've made a yummy frittata, a mushroom crepe cake (10 stars!!!, you gotta try it), portobello mushroom burgers, and green smoothies.
     In some ways, I have become one of those "willfully ignorant" people. I just can't think about certain things, and I pretend not to know what I know; otherwise I'd just have to retreat into a cave for the rest of my life. For example, at a cookout recently, I ate sausage and hotdogs. And chili. And it was all very yummy. But I didn't, and don't, want to think about what was in that sausage and hotdog. Nope, not thinkin' about it.
     So ... sometime in the future, perhaps a year from now, I will have all this sorted out. I will be knowledgeable and will have an action plan.

And here are some pictures of my adorable children to cheer you up and make this post a little more interesting:



Rachel said...

So I went back and read your first post about food after I read this one. I think you have some great questions- questions Nathan and I have been asking as well. While I don't have any great answers, we too, are seeking the truth. It definitely is a process, moving your family from just eating what's available to what's good for them. I think a lot of prayer needs to go into this as well as family input. Definitely read lots of different ideas though, weigh them carefully and ask for wisdom. My father in law is a strict vegan- he has wasted away to nothing, and he was a small man to begin with. He goes everywhere with his own little cooler and spends large quantities of time preparing his own food. It has driven a bit of a wedge with his family who are all very healthy eaters to begin with. I am definitely interested to see how this goes with you and your family. Oh, and I agree about the milk thing. My kids have never had sippie cups of milk. They get it on their cereal and cooked in foods but other than that...nope. :)

Emily said...

Hope thanks for your nice comments on my blog! Your kids are so cute. . I love Fiona's pig tails!

you can call me aunt choody said...

Love the pigtails!