Monday, January 19, 2009


Alas, my friends, I have FAILED. I spent $30 on the groceries this week (see previous post). I wasn't thinking about other important essentials, like bread and fruit, baby food and salad dressing. I needed vinegar to clean out my water filter, which is growing algae, and that was 1.89, and I needed lemon juice, and that was 2.99. Oh well, I still spent a lot less this week than usual.


rhodesfam said...

I find that there's always some big item that I need every stinking time. Whether it's salad dressing or air freshner, something is going to mess me up. That's why I put it on the credit card so it's free ; )

Carl and Amber said...

I wouldn't call it a failure. Some things just don't count if they aren't needed directly for food, so mark off that 1.89, and you are a little closer to your goal!

Katie Jones said...

Try again! It is great to have goals like yours! I am setting a goal of spending less on groceries this year too. In college, my roommate and I each spent $15 a week on groceries (mostly accomplished through a cheap farmers market). I think I will try for no more than $45 a week at this stage of life though.