Sunday, April 19, 2009

This just makes me so happy!

I am now done with my grocery shopping for the week. Usually, I only go to Trader Joe's and Albertson's. But this week, I went to Ralph's also because they had some really good deals. Okay, you know how you "save" money at each store by buying sale items and using your card? At Ralph's, I spent $27 and saved $26! At Albie's, I spent $45 and saved $26. I feel so good!
Last week at Albie's I spent $48 and saved $46! Isn't that exciting??
BTW, everyone should go to Albie's this week: 5 lb bag of potatoes for 99 cents, 5 lb bag of apples for 2.99, vine tomatoes for 99 cents a pound, 73% lean ground beef for 99 cents, brown rice for 1.99.
I'm on a high right now. Who knew that saving money on groceries could be as good as illegal drugs?


Carl and Amber said...

I'll be hittin' up Alb. tomorrow! What was on sale at Ralph's? My email is Did your fam like the new recipes?

Paul Rama said...

I'm so glad I postponed my shopping trip til tomorrow! I have readjusted my route!

rhodesfam said...

How nice to have more than one grocery store ; )

Katie Jones said...

Go deal hunting for groceries-that's what I do when I need to shop and have no money. You have to have food!

Chosen Pearl said...

Hey Hope! This is Jessi (Norris) Elliott... just wanted to let you know I'm starting to get more involved with blogspot and am following your blog! Woot!