Monday, May 4, 2009

List of things I did today

Ran 5 miles
Went to MOPS and supervised a lengthy craft
Played with the kids for over an hour in the MOPS room after it was over
Drove home and fed everyone lunch
Put both dudes down for a nap
Cleaned the downstairs (vacuumed, swept, mopped, cleaned tables and the highchair)
Wrote 8 thank you notes
Uploaded pictures from the camera
Washed 3 loads of laundry
Made dinner
Walked with Chad and the kids to Joe's to buy coffee
Took a detour by YogurtLand and ate frozen yogurt
Washed the dishes
Re-cleaned the downstairs because it got messy again

And you wonder why I'm tired.


Paul Rama said...

Oh my gosh. Next time I think I accomplish something I will refer to your post! If I could just get the 5 miles down, that alone would be worthy ofa post for me!

Paul Rama said...

Sorry, that was me (Jackie Lynn) posting, not Paul.

rhodesfam said...

Holy crap!

Jen said...

Are you super human?!