Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Supermom

List of things I did today:

Cleaned up Benji and the bed after he wet the bed (6:40 am)
Played with the kids while still lying in bed
Got up and got me and the kids breakfast
First cup of coffee (7:30 am)
Cleaned up from breakfast
Did a little internet-ing on moneysavingmom.com
Took Fiona to the doctor (ear infection!)
Scoped out CVS Pharmacy next door so that I can start playing the drug store game soon
Picked up Fiona's prescription at Walmart
Came back home, got Benji and myself a snack
Started a movie for Benji
Tried to put Fiona down for a nap (unsuccessfully)
Started a load of laundry
Changed a lightbulb
Second cup of coffee while checking email (10:45 am)
Worked out 30 minutes (stair stepping and aerobics)
Put wet clothes in the dryer
Got Benji some lunch
Worked out another 30 minutes
Put Fiona down for a nap (12:15 pm)
Shower, contacts, and hair (12:30 pm)
Played trains with Benji for 30 minutes
Cleaned off back porch and organized the recycling while Benji played in a puddle
Cleaned off Benji after he threw up during a coughing fit
Cleaned vomit off back porch (1:30 pm)
Ate lunch
Got Fiona out of bed (1:35)
Read stories to and played with kids
Started putting away laundry that was already clean
Got Ethan from bus stop
Picked up Benji's friend Zae to come and play
Put into dryer clothes that got wet while walking back from bus stop
Finished putting away that clean laundry
Caught up in Fiona's baby calendar
Got the kids a snack (3:30 pm)
Played with kids in the back room
Cleaned the back bathroom
Straightened and vacuumed boys' room, my room, and Fiona's room
Blew bubbles with kids on back porch (5 pm)
Made dinner
Ate dinner
Cleaned a little in the kitchen
Put kids in bathtub and bathed them
Straightened and vacuumed living room
Got kids out of tub
Cleaned the kitchen
Made the boys finish their dinner
CHAD CAME HOME!!! (7:30 pm)
Finished this blog post
Chad put boys in bed and is now rocking Fiona, aaaaaaaaaaaaaah


Alicia Dunn said...

I'm tired just reading about it! I love you SuperMom!

Ms.Stroupe said...

Whoa! You are a supermom! this is my first time reading this, Hope!