Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm a list person, people. I love me a list. And more than that, I love to cross things off my list. There is an immense sense of satisfaction in crossing it off. I decided that I need to start writing down the things I want to get done each week and maybe even blog about it, so that it will encourage me to complete them all.
So here are last week's goals.

1 hour zumba DONE

45 mins Cardio Max workout video, 15 mins hula hoop DONE

1 hour stair stepper DONE

1 hour step aerobics DONE

finish Where is That in the Bible? DONE

check saving sites daily(,,, DONE

write a new blog post DONE

read RCIA papers DONE

pick up rings at the jewelers DONE

Have an indoor date with Chad DONE

Get a upromise card from Publix DONE

get out cash for the second paycheck DONE

watch old and new episode of Once Upon a Time DONE

not completed:

1 hour yoga or pilates um no, just plain too tired. I got through about 15 minutes, then went to take a nap instead

finish reading “Jungle Doctor” to Ethan no, we still have 5 chapters left

catch up on reading friends’ blogs not done

read and think about chapters 1-8 of Shepherding a Child's heart only got through 5 chapters

What are some of your goals for this week?

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