Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last week's goals

This is my third week doing this, and I'm lovin' it! I'm pretty sure this will become a weekly thing.

Goals for this week

1 hour walking with Nicole long story; I only did 15 minutes

1 hour body pump class with Sonoma DONE

1 hour zumba DONE

1 hour yoga or pilates DONE

1 hour step aerobics DONE

check saving sites daily (,,, DONE (well, I did at least every other day, and that’s good enough)

write a new blog post DONE

read and think about chapters 6-13 of Shepherding A Child’s Heart DONE

finish reading Jungle Doctor to Ethan, start new book DONE

catch up on reading friends’ blogs DONE

read the book of Revelation (in preparation for reading The Lamb’s Supper) nope, got through 10 chapters

And here are this week's. But now that I've written them all out, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...

Goals for this week

1 hour walking with Nicole

1 hour on air climber ??

1 hour zumba

1 hour yoga or pilates

1 hour step aerobics

run 5 miles ??

check saving sites daily (,,,

write a blog post about Martha

finish Shepherding A Child’s Heart (chapters 14-19)

read chapters 2-8 of Jungle Doctor to Ethan

call Christie, Bridget, Silvina, and Karen to catch up

finish reading the book of Revelation

read 2 chapters of The Lamb’s Supper

read new Bible study chapter

read and do workbook pages for Bible study

do birdseed craft with boys

do painting craft with boys

do this:

pay credit card bill

call Verizon: can we make our monthly payment lower?

record last video of home videos!

research Saint Elizabeth

calls and get a refund!

research karate or soccer for Ethan

label photographs and put them in the photo album

clean inside and outside of car (well, get Chad to do it)

buy movie tickets for The Hunger Games!!!!

get cash out of the bank on the 1st or after for the next 2 weeks

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