Sunday, April 22, 2012

Business Announcement

Business Announcement
I'm WAY overdue in doing this, but I have a business announcement: I am now selling jewelry! It's one of those work-from-home businesses called Paparazzi Accessories. The best part of it all is this: EVERYTHING IS $5! Yup, you read that right: $5. Most of the necklaces come with matching earrings too.  It's so fun. Most of the items are trendy and spunky, with a few classic pieces thrown in. Here's a sampling of what I have in stock right now.
Browns 1:
Browns 2:
Brown 3:
Blacks 1:
Black 2:
Hair clips (all the hair clips also have a pin on the back, so you can attach to a purse, hat, anything)
a sampling of the headbands (the headbands will fit baby girls or grown ups, and they're not tight enough to give you a headache like some headbands do):
rings 1:
rings 2:
bracelets 1:
bracelets 2:
silver and whites:
Are you drooling as much as I am right now? How fun is this for new spring accessories? If you want something, let me know. I'm also toying with the idea of me mailing a box of things to a "distant hostess," who can host a party or showcase the box around for a week. Hostesses earn great rewards. Have I piqued your interest yet?


Kirsten said...

Those look great. I have trouble with jewelry when I'm pregnant - skin irritations and the like - but come the Fall, I know I'm going to be doing some shopping!

Andrew and Melissa said...

I would be interested! Is there an online catalog where I can pick?

throughherblueeyes said...

Yeah!! I love this Hope! You are one busy mommy. The jewelry is beautiful. As soon as I can, I am going to buy some! By the way, LOVE your blog and look forward to reading more!