Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road trip, Part II: Charleston, South Carolina

Next up was Charleston. I LOVED Charleston. I'd love to go there again some day and see more of it; I could even live there. Around the city, we law lots of beautiful buildings:

This is an old prison: 

After touring a famous, historical house, we went out to the back porch, where the kids enjoyed bouncing on this joggling board: 

This is the Edmunston-Alton house that we toured: 

We got to go over this impressive bridge: 

Fort Sumter is where the first shot of the Civil War was fired: 

Benji with a cannon at Fort Sumter: 

This is Angel Oak, a 300-year old oak tree. It was truly impressive and beautiful: 

I mean, look at those gorgeous branches: 

We went to the Children's Museum, which was AMAZING. It was a lot like Pretend City (oh, how I miss thee, Pretend City). The kids were happy here for nearly 3 hours, and even then, the only reason we left was because they were closing. Their favorite was the water room: 

Benji made a dam, then a flood: 

And Fiona played with golf balls in the ball/science room: 

Then a little splash time in the fountain outside: 

We got to see REALLY old fire engines at a historical fire station. These two are from something like the 40's: 

And this was from even earlier. It was a horse-drawn fire engine. Where did they put the water? I don't know! 

If you ever go to Charleston, EAT HERE! Jestine's Kitchen was the best dining experience of the trip: truly excellent Southern food, hospitality, and a great mom 'n' pop atmosphere. 

A church: 

And another one: 

Middle Place Gardens and Plantation was our final activity in Charleston. It was genuinely beautiful: 

Look at this amazing tree! 

It was miserably hot there though. The kids were not impressed, although they did enjoy chasing the guinea fowl down the path. Too bad I don't have a picture of that. 

So long, Charleston. You are beautiful.

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