Monday, March 30, 2009

8 Mile

No, folks, I'm not talking about the Eminem movie that was terrible and came out in 2003. I'm talking about how many miles I ran today. Yes, I ain't kiddin'. I ran 8 miles today with Michelle P. I felt AWESOME. I AM awesome for doing 8 miles. Although now that it's evening, and one of my muscles is definitely pulled, and the rest of me feels weak, sore, stiff, and like jello all at the same time; I'm not feeling so awesome.


michellep said...

You are da bomb for running that long! And if you're da bomb I guess that means I'm pretty awesome too : )

And I am stiff and sore tonight too! You sure you're running in the morning?

rhodesfam said...

You ARE the champion, my friend!

chelsea said...

Yay for you!