Thursday, September 4, 2008

good news, bad news, and two observations / September 4, 2008

A. I'm happy to announce that with the help of some weight watchers, a lot of exercise, a lot of nursing, and making overall healthier choices; I am back down to my pre-Benji weight!! Yay for me! However, my shape is permanently damaged; this little belly is probably not going anywhere.
B. I'm feeling depressed because no one responded to my last post. I thought it was a very interesting observation and that lots of people would have a thought or comment about it, but no one did. My self-esteem drops one level.
C. For about three days, Benji was really unhappy. He cried a lot, fussed a lot, drooled copious amounts, and chewed on anything he could get his little paws onto. And lo and behold, one point of a tooth made its grand appearance yesterday. I think that Benji doesn't have as high of a pain tolerance as Ethan does. I think Benji is a sensitive little dude; I don't think that's bad or anything; it's just an observation.
D. Ethan has been doing SO WELL with all the traveling we've been doing. I've been so proud of him. He's been sleeping quite well overall, even in different rooms from us in a strange house. He's done great on car rides, and has adjusted to each new venue quite well. He's also enjoying having attention from all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles.


Carl and Amber said...

Hey! I just stumbled over your blog! I'll give you a thought about the nursing home. I think that in many ways, once a person's mind is gone then they probably aren't necessarily unhappy. But, we know that the truest happiness comes through love--both receiving and expressing. Many in these nursing homes have either lost the ability to share it or they don't have family that comes around often enough for them to really express it. Whether they realize it or not, I feel bad for them because they aren't enjoying the most happiness. They may be content, but probably not truly happy. That's my two-cents.

Rachel said...

Hey, A post on my birthday!!! Yea me. I'm glad you're doing so well with your children. You really seem to have the important things a priority. I don't make my bed either. Some days I just flip the comforter up.