Sunday, September 21, 2008

I'm so jealous!

Per a recommendation of my friend Rena, I finally checked out The Pioneer Woman's website: I spent over an  hour of my valuable time (that's how hooked I was) checking different links, completely in awe of this woman. I have her on an enormously tall pedestal right now, and I am gazing up at her in admiration and jealousy that I can't be as cool as she is.
Seriously, is there anything this woman can't do? First of all, she is an amazing website, obviously updated regularly, and it's quite intricate, which shows that she is internet-savvy. She has four children, and she home schools them.  She must have infinite patience and endurance. She cooks delicious-looking meals from scratch, and somehow finds time to post the recipes with photographs on her website. She does photography and posts her photographs online, and they are good photographs too. She has several photography tutorials online. She's writing a novel of her husband's and her love story. And, finally, she has a home and garden section on her website with accounts of how they renovated some cabin, etc. My goodness! Seriously, how does she have the time and energy to do all those things?? I don't think she's super-human, so I just don't know.
Oh, and, she's beautiful too.
And, she's very witty and funny. She's good at writing.
The only thing I'm not jealous of her about is the fact that she lives on an isolated ranch. No thanks, I prefer the city; I admit it.
You should really look at her website. But if you do, be prepared to spend a long time sitting at the computer, getting carpel tunnel, with your mouth gaping open.
Just don't let any drooling happen while you're gaping.


Rena said...

I'm sorry to suck you into my addiction, but welcome to the P-Dub fan club! Isn't she awesome? You gotta try her sheet cake recipe. It is SO good!

FordeFam said...

Okay, so I'm going to have to check this lady out!!! One question, is her house clean? I tend to do a lot, but sometimes my house misses out on the action! Hehe! Oh, and I have no social life (other than my blogging buddies and computer friends)! I'm going to add you to my blog friends! ;) Glad to see you blogging!

Hope said...

Maia, don't know if her house is clean. I bet it is. Because she's superwoman.
Rena, I tried the onion rings today. I ate so many, I feel sick now.

Rachel said...

That's too funny. I love pioneer woman. You should try her recipes, they are delicious. I don't think her house is clean either. She sometimes posts pictures of her laundry piles and messes her kids make.

Jen said...

Pioneer Woman is great, but she does have people helping her out with her blog... so don't be too jealous (my friend works for her!).

I don't even know how I found you on here, Hope, but those Verano days are good memories for our family! It is great to read that you now have TWO little boys and are doing your best with this crazy motherhood thing (let alone the grad-student wife thing... which should put us all in therapy!).

Jen Ontiveros