Monday, September 15, 2008

scary pictures / September 15, 2008

First of all, it's my mother's birthday. Happy birthday to her!!!
Okay, folks, here is something to make you feel better about yourself. I am hereby publishing some pictures of me not looking my awesomest. Usually, the only person about whom I don't care seeing me as I really am is Chad. But today, I'm feeling strangely brave, so I will post them for the world to see.  First of all, we have a lovely self-portrait. Yes, folks, that's me. Did you know I have that many freckles? I actually don't mind freckles...luckily.
Secondly, we have an exciting image of me with how my hair looks when I wake up in the morning. It's wild, huh? I kid you not, that's what I look like when I get out of bed. Even if my hair is dry at night and semi-controlled when I go to sleep, I still wake up like this. Fabulous, eh?



Jen said...

Hope, I think you look va-va-voomy.


Brooke said...

I love freckles.