Wednesday, September 17, 2008

confessions of a Crystal Light addict

Well, I think the fog of PPD may finally be lifting. I hope I am not speaking too soon, but I definitely feel much better than I was.
Okay, check this baby out. This is my new Nalgene bottle. I am desperately in love with it. Well, not desperately, but it is pretty cool. Doesn't just looking at it make you want to drink more water? See, even the outside of the bottle has beads of water on it, which means the whole bottle is practically bursting with freshness. I bought this awesome thing with birthday money designated for this very purpose. (Thanks, M and D!)
So, before I bought it, my problem was that I don't like the taste of water. I like Crystal Light; I could even be addicted to it. Let its multi-colored beads and fake sweetener wash over me like a tidal wave. And I like iced tea. But I just don't like water. I wish I did. And I wish I drank more water. So, I thought maybe if I hook myself up with one of these cool babies, I would. My new goal is to drink one full bottle of water, eventually working up to two full bottles. One bottle is 32 oz. I've had this bottle for 3 days, and I've done it two of those days.... But I've also gone to the bathroom about 10 times more per day than I used to, which isn't always easy carrying a sleeping infant in the sling and pulling a resisting toddler behind me. However, drinking more water is the new point on my new campaign for health, and I want to persevere. Water just tastes better coming out of a Nalgene bottle. You too should get one.
Finally, for my birthday, Chad got me new bedding. I picked it out. He wasn't gung ho about the purple, but he said it was okay. Aren't they super fun? I'm pretty excited about it. And, yes, this is the normal disarray in which our bed usually is. Before Benji, I used to make it up in the mornings; now it just doesn't fall into my list of important priorities. This is where I take naps, nurse Benji, have nightmares, read books, snuggle with my pillow, and dream sweet dreams.


Carl and Amber said...

I have no milk if I am not drowning in water everyday. I get kinda sick of the stuff. But, I am a fan of Propel and Vitamin Water.

michellep said...

So I'm not much of a water fan either. Usually I have to take it like medicine. A lot of times I'll just down a glass to get it over with. Not to mention the water here in California is nasty! I agree it tastes better out of a Nalgene!

Shonda said...

I 100% agree about water tasting better from a Nalgene (although this does not apply to Waco tap water...which tastes like cow poop no matter what you drink it from).

Love the bedspread. You are so fabulous and I am happy for you and your fabulous bed and fabulous Nalgene. Hey, I wonder if there is a Crystal Light Annonymous meeting somewhere. If so you might want to check it out. :) Kuddos on your healthy improvements!